FBM started in 1993 as an idea, an association of like minded people, more than a company.  That idea manifested first on t-shirts hand printed in a basement or back room and sold out of a backpack.  Five years later, in 1998, FBM started having BMX frames and small parts made in the US during a period where small rider owned BMX companies took over core BMX from the large brands that had dominated BMX up to that point.  In 2001, after a fire destroyed FBM’s office in Ithaca, it moved into a building in Johnson City that it shared with the East Coast Terminal Skatepark and used the insurance money to start its own machine shop to make BMX frames.   In 2015, after 14 years in Johnson City,  we made the move back to Ithaca. Over the years FBM has expanded its line of bicycle products, some made in house, some sourced in the US and some sourced overseas, but the ones that have meant the most have been the ones we’ve been able to make in house with our own hands.

Check out the video below, I Love My Bicycle, made by Joe Stakun in 2009.

Handcrafted in New York