Alexis Mabry – Rider Profile

Alexis Mabry with Sword
Alexis Mabry is an artist living in Richmond Va, via Philly and the Dallas area, who has contributed to several FBM projects, including T-shirt graphics, the Shark ramp From the Gwar- BQ, and has her own brand – Neva Safe!

Her FBM Sword build up is a modest commuter build, that’s been stolen once, recovered, and ridden countless miles, as it’s her primary source of transportation. The unicorn Sword Mask (scroll down) is part of an upcoming Neva Safe art show celebrating Awesomeness!

Alexis Mabry Sword BadgeAlexis Mabry Sword BikeageAlexis Mabry Sword CranksAlexis Mabry Sword back endAlexis Mabry Sword Seat TubeAlexis Mabry Sword Double Fister GripsAlexis Mabry Unicorn Headfbm drip hoodie fbm learn the hardway t-shirt gold